Oregon Component Info

Building our future together!

This is an exciting time to be a member of ODHA. As you know ODHA has been working on a transformation for the past two years. We are very excited to say that the component changes we have been talking about have finally arrived! 

As a reminder, these changes are intended to help all components:

  • Operate legally, protect our volunteers and not-for-profit status, and comply with ADHA's charter agreement with Oregon.
  • Provide more resources for components to produce valuable programs for their members
  • Provide increased membership value to all members, regardless of where you live and work
  • Reduce the amount of business requirements and paperwork to run a component, allowing component leaders and members to focus on the real purpose and mission of belonging to your professional organization
  • Increase the number of members in each component. Interestingly, the majority of components in Oregon have had less than 30 members and some as few as 7 members which has resulted in components struggling to survive or become inactive.

We are pleased to announce the reorganization of component boundaries. These changes will:

  • Allow meetings to be help in a variety of locations around the component area
  • Virtual meetings will be added to allow you to attend events when travel and time prohibit your participation.
  • Meet hygienists all over the state and participate in other component meetings as all meetings will be open to all members! Component events will be listed on the ODHA website for all to view and attend.
  • Each component will have more members, increased revenue, more state support and guidance for continuing education, as well as more opportunities to meet and participate in events around the state

The new component boundaries are identified in the map below.

How do I choose my component?

There is nothing you will need to do initially as ODHA will handle the transitioning of the components by placing members in the new components based on their location; however a member may choose to change their component by completing a simple form located on the ADHA website.

How do I ask questions and get more information?

Local Component Meetings:
Component Trustees and ODHA Officers will be attending upcoming component meetings to share more details about this exciting news and answer any questions. Those meeting dates are:

  • Lane and Linn-Benton - October 27, 6:30pm at Lane Community College, room 214
  • Washington County – September 28
  • MPY – TBD
  • Portland – TBD (possibly in conjunction with Mt. Hood)
  • Mt. Hood – October 17, 6:30pm at Mt. Hood Community College, room 2608
  • Central Oregon – October 13, 6:00pm at St. Charles Medical Center
  • Rogue / Southeastern Oregon – TBD
  • Northeastern Oregon – TBD

Oregon Dental Hygiene Conference:
The new component structure will begin November 1st and we will celebrate the change at the Oregon Dental Hygiene Conference (ODHC) on November 11-13, 2016. The conference will be your first opportunity to meet your peers in a component meeting where you will participate in renaming your component and electing your leaders. We hope to have a tremendous turn out for this conference to share the exciting changes in ODHA. Join us to experience the new ODHC with:

  • Increased CE hours including nationally recognized speakers with a wide variety of topics.
  • The ODHA exclusive CE:  A training workshop to administer Epipen and Glucagon.  Bring your office with new registration options! 
  • An inspirational keynote speaker that will leave you feeling refreshed, inspired and connected, with a compelling vision that will infuse your life with renewed passion, purpose and pride.
  • A new annual meeting lunch with updates on how ODHA is working for you and annual election at which EVERY member gets a vote!
  • A first annual component breakfast to name your new component, elect your leaders and share what you want from your component.
  • A Murder Mystery Dinner Theater celebration
  • Annual presentations of scholarships and new awards including Member of the Year, Outstanding Achievement and more!
  • A silent auction with professional and lifestyle items.
  • Exhibitors dedicated to Dental Hygienists.
  • Professional presentations including poster presentations and table clinics.
  • A Portland food cart style networking lunch with professionals and students!
  • And much more!


Contact your leadership:
As a member you are supported by both ADHA and ODHA. ADHA is helping the states function as a legal and well operating association. Please see the ODHA transformation page for full details! ADHA will be holding us more accountable as a State, as well as for each Component we charter. We too must be accountable to protect our volunteers and our not-for-profit status. Our goal is to be more effective, efficient, transparent and valuable to our members. By streamlining our operations, we will have more time to focus on our mission and our members’ needs and expectations.

We thank you for your commitment to membership in your professional association. You are the foundation of our existence and we appreciate your support! Your leadership team is here for you if you have questions and concerns! Please contact us at any time.

Cassie Button, President - cassiebuttonrdh@gmail.com, 503-453-4882
Deborah Johnson, President-Elect - johndeb515@gmail.com
Gail Aamodt, Immediate Past President – aamodt3274@pacificu.edu
Megan Coffelt, Vice President - coffelt_megan@yahoo.com
Katie Bell, Secretary - kathryn.bell@pacificu.edu
Kyle Johnstone, Treasurer - kyle.johnstone@hotmail.com
Elisa Schofeild, MPY Trustee - elisasco@aol.com
Lesley Harbison, Portland Trustee - lesleyharbison@yahoo.com
Paige Holt, Rogue Valley Trustee - paigeholt526@yahoo.com
Kyle Isaacs, Lane County Trustee - kjulin@gmail.com
Jodi Murray, Washington County Trustee - jlh7511@gmail.com
Stasi Regan, Mount Hood Trustee - stasiregan@gmail.com
Diana Strand, Central Oregon Trustee - strand658@yahoo.com
Claudia Devens, Southeast Oregon Trustee - c_l_devens@msn.com


Components until October 31, 2016:


Map of all ODHA Components

Component Trustees

01 - Lane County
02 - Marion/Polk/Yamhill (Marion, Polk, Yamhill Counties)
03 - Portland ( Multnomah County)
04 - Rogue Valley (Josephine & Jackson Counties)
05 - Washington County
06 - Mt Hood (Clackamas, Hood River, & portion of Multnomah Counties)
07 - Southwestern Oregon (Curry County) Inactive
08 - Central Oregon (Crook, Deschutes, & Jefferson Counties)
09 - Douglas County (Coos & Douglas Counties)   Inactive
10 - Linn Benton (Counties) Inactive
11 - Southeastern Oregon (Klamath & portion of Lake Counties)
13 - Northeastern Oregon (Umatilla, Union, Wallowa, Baker, & Grant Counties )