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ODHA President Elect, Gail Aamodt to receive the 2014 ADHA Educator of the Year Award!

It is our great pleasure to announce that Gail Aamodt, RDH, MS, has been selected to receive the 2014 ADHA Educator of the Year Award.  This award is sponsored by the American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA) and Crest Oral-B.
Gail is an Associate Professor and the Clinical Education Coordinator for the School of Dental Health Science at Pacific University.
The ADHA Educator of the Year award recognizes, honors and rewards a full-time dental hygiene faculty member who contributes to and is dedicated to providing high quality education to dental hygiene students.  The recipient will characterize excellence in teaching, mentoring and/or devotion to student achievement.
As the recipient of the 2014 ADHA Educator of the Year Award, Gail will receive:
•an engraved award
•recognition in an ADHA publication
•complimentary registration for the 2014 ADHA Annual Session •air travel & two nights lodging at the 2014 ADHA Annual Session
•$1,000 cash award
Gail will be presented with the 2014 ADHA Educator of the Year Award at the awards ceremony held during the 2014 ADHA Annual Session in Las Vegas, Nevada this June.
Please join us in congratulating Gail Aamodt on being selected for this prestigious national award!


SAVE THE DATE! November 8-10, 2013 - ODHA Annual Business Meeting and Fall Oral Health Conference


November 8-10, 2013

ODHA Annual Business Meeting and Fall Oral Health Conference

Join us for CE for dental hygienists, parties (aka networking!), discussion of issues facing our profession, updates on what your association has been doing, and much much more!  Meeting is open to all dental hygienists!

Contact your local component if you are interested in attending as a delegate and making the most of your membership!

Delegate information Click here (delegates manual is posted 30 days prior to the meeting!)

If you have trouble loggin on, please contact Hildie 

Thank you to our Banner Sponsor, Captiol Dental Care, Inc.


Oregon Practice Act Changes July 1, 2013

Oregon Practice Act Changes July 1, 2013

(see below)

Thank you ODHA Government Relations Council for your efforts and thank you members for your support!

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The following changes are of particular interest to dental hygienists.  These changes are a result of collaboration between Oregon Dental Hygienists Association, Oregon Dental Association and the Oregon Board of Dentistry.

Changes like these can only happen when dental hygienists speak with one voice. Please join us today!

OAR  818-035-0020  has been amended, in part, by removing the following language:  “A supervising dentist may not authorize a dental hygienist and a dental hygienist may not perform periodontal procedures unless the supervising dentist has examined the patient and diagnosed the condition to be treated.”  This change means that a dental hygienist can perform scaling & root planing without first having the patient examined by a dentist.

OAR  818-035-0066  has been amended by adding additional populations that can be treated by a dental hygienist with an expanded practice permit to include “specific population groups designated by the Dental Health Professional Shortage Areas (DHPSA) that lack access to care and are underserved.”

OAR  818-035-0072  has been amended by deleting the word “anterior” from rule.  This change will allow a dental hygienist who holds a Restorative Functions Endorsement (RFE) to place both anterior and posterior composite restorations.

OAR  818-042-0090  has been amended by adding “or dental hygienist” after the word “dentist” in three areas.  This change will allow dental hygienists (along with dentists) to authorize EFDAs to apply pit and fissure sealants and to apply temporary soft relines to complete dentures for the purpose of tissue conditioning, to provide indirect supervision when these procedures are performed, and to check these procedures when they are completed prior to dismissing the patient.

OAR  818-042-0095  has been amended by deleting the word “anterior” from the rule.  This change will allow a dental assistant who holds a Restorative Functions Certificate (RFC) to place both anterior and posterior composite restorations.

Please share this information with your professional colleagues.

Please note that these changes are scheduled to go into effect until July 1st.


ODHA members dues support activities that support ALL dental hygienists.

ODHA members dues support activities that support ALL dental hygienists.



Support what supports you!


Are you a patient with special needs or limited access to dental hygiene care? Expanded practice Hygienists can help!

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Important updates on our Government Relations page!

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Meet our New President, Tina Clarke!

President's Message


Council on Dental Accreditation (CODA ) is accepting comments on accreditation of mid level therapist programs

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2013 CDT Manual - New Prediagnostic codes

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Job Resources for Dental Hygienists

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