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President's Report

What an exciting time to be part of our organization! I wanted to start off this year with bit of my own history in our association.

As a dental hygiene student, I began to understand and appreciate the history and hard work of the dental hygienists who built ODHA to be one of the most progressive and respected constituent associations in the entire nation.

As a new grad, I joined the board as Secretary and Alternate Delegate to ADHA and began to understand and appreciate the changing climate of our profession and our organization. ADHA and ODHA's leaders started shaping me into someone that could appreciate our association's past, and look forward to what we need to ensure a bright and strong future. I am so thankful to my predecessors for their hard work helping to structure ODHA. They built the foundation so ODHA would continue to exist as a legal, professionally run, and respected organization.

Now, as President of ODHA, I am so excited to be building our future together with all members and partners of ODHA! ADHA is providing some very helpful guidance to help us function as a legally and fiduciary responsible not-for-profit corporation. Our management firm, Western Advocates, provides invaluable resources so that can be a respected professional organization. Our trustees have fantastic attitudes and so much passion to help ODHA grow to service its members to the fullest. Our councils and chairs are members with diverse interests to bring perspective and a wide breadth of service for our members. Our officers are a wonderful complement of experience and eagerness. They are a pleasure to work with!

This is an exciting time to be part of OUR organization because our leadership is working so hard and passionately for our future. I am blessed to be considered part of this group and I wanted to take this opportunity to invite every member to join us in building OUR future TOGETHER! 

Cassie Button, ODHA President

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About ODHA

Introduction of New Officers:

This coming year is going to bring about a lot of positive changes for ODHA. We are going to be working toward a bigger and brighter future. To help guide us through these changes we have an amazing new leadership team. Please help me in welcoming our new executive council for 2016.

President: Cassie Button
President-Elect: Deb Johnson
Immediate Past President: Gail Aamodt
Vice President: Megan Coffelt
Secretary: Katie Bell
Treasurer: Kyle Johnstone

We look forward to building our future together!

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Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in helping your organization but don’t want to spend a lot of time or money to do so? We have a terrific opportunity for you! In an effort to make best use of our most valuable resource, our members, we have come up with several task forces that will make a huge impact for our organization with minimal time investment. 

You can make a huge impact if you volunteer for the following task forces. Please email President Cassie Button (cassiebuttonrdh@gmail.com) if you are interested on one of the following task forces.

  • Recruiting conference sponsors
  • Conference marketing
  • Silent Auction
  • CEs for Oregon Dental Hygiene Conference (to be completed by May 1st)
  • Job board review for ODHA's website
  • CE circuit for components

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Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight is a new section we are introducing as a brief way to say congratulations, thank you or great job to a member that has really done something amazing for the association and/or DH community. 

This month we would like to recognize Kyle Isaacs for her passion, commitment and dedication to dental hygiene and ODHA.

Kyle Isaacs has been a member of the ODHA since 2013, when she moved to Oregon from California. She is currently working in an office in Corvallis, as well as in public health providing sealants and fluoride varnish to children in schools in Benton County. She is also beginning to grow her own mobile business as an Expanded Practice Dental Hygienist. Being as busy as she is, she still finds the time to write articles for RDH magazine. She has had three articles published in RDH magazine with two more on the way.

Volunteerism and providing services to the underprivileged populations throughout Oregon is Kyle’s passion. Kyle stated, “For many people in long-term care facilities, visitors are far and few and a caring clinician can make a big difference in their day.  I hope to have an impact on as many people as possible, and I think I get more out of it than they do!”

She has done a tremendous job finding sponsors, speakers and auction items for the ODHC 2015 and is working on ODHC 2016.

Kyle is currently Lane County’s trustee in the ODHA. She has a huge passion for building the organization as a community and we are so happy to have her on the Board of Trustees!

If you or know someone should be recognized in the Member Spotlight section for the next newsletter please contact Vice President Megan Coffelt at coffelt_megan@yahoo.com


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ODHA's Transformation Continues

Make Your Voice Heard!
We want to hear from all members as we navigate changes to build our future together!

Take a short survey!
We want to hear from you! Please take this short survey and share YOUR thoughts. The survey is only ten questions long and will take less than 5 minutes to complete.  

Attend the ODHA member town hall!
An all member town hall will be held at the Oregon Dental Conference on April 9th. All members are invited to attend and learn the history of these governance changes, share their feedback, ask questions and discover how ODHA will better serve them in the future. EVERY member who is interested is invited to attend.

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Board of Trustees Update

Many important items were discussed at January’s Board of Trustees meeting. Some of those that were discussed are as follows:

Approved the 2016 budget.
The last several years as ODHA has been restructuring and discovered the actual financial situation the board has been approving a budget that needed to use the reserves. The deficit with this budget was $7,000, which we can easily meet with increased membership, conference sponsorships and conference attendance, but we need all of our members to engage now! Each member has tremendous opportunity to make a huge impact on our organization by telling a fellow hygienist about the value of membership or telling a company representative how hygienists would love to see him or her as exhibitors and sponsors at our events. Hygienists love to support businesses that support our profession!

Developed the next step in our transformation.
The BOT has been working hard for the past year on the restructuring that ADHA is implementing. Over the last nine months the BOT has analyzed ODHA’s resources and membership, evaluated the opportunities and challenges with all potential structures and thoughtfully discussed what structures will best serve all of our members around the state, be sustainable, and ensure ODHA’s future success. Based on this process, the BOT crafted the following recommendations:

  • The board recommended holding a general assembly.
  • The board recommended a hybrid board of trustees that would combine the strengths of geographic representation and specialties within dental hygiene. 


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