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President's Report

The ODHA Wheels are in motion! So many positive things are happening in your association! First of all, we had a great meeting in Corvallis for our special House of Delegates this summer. The result of that meeting was a unanimous vote to change to a General Assembly. That means each member gets a voice and a vote! We look forward to seeing it in action this November at the Oregon Dental Hygiene Conference.

Your Board of Trustees had an intense strategic planning session that covered two days. We worked diligently to put our member's needs first so we could help shape our association to be one that works for members. I am so honored to be a part of this team because everyone is working so well together and we are building up our future together! Some highlights: ODHA has not had to pull from reserves in a full year! We have stabilized and started to increase our membership numbers! We have a wonderful leadership team that is acting cohesively, professionally, and proudly representing dental hygienists! We are blazing the trail for the nation for transitioning to General Assembly. We are one of the very firsts to make this transition and we have done it in a thoughtful and educated manner. The Board of Trustees has developed a thorough plan to finish the transition to a very professionally run association that helps our volunteers focus on what they are passionate about. 

I am so glad to have you join me on this journey for ODHA. We are building up our future and the future is looking bright! See you in November at the Oregon Dental Hygiene Conference!

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Oregon Dental Hygiene Conference (ODHC)


Registration is open for the 2016 Oregon Dental Hygiene Conference (ODHC) taking place on Friday, November 11 – Sunday, November 13, 2016. With more time available this year, the conference will include some very exciting new benefits including:

  • Increased CE hours including nationally recognized speakers with a wide variety of topics
  • An inspirational keynote speaker that will leave you feeling refreshed, inspired and connected, with a compelling vision that will infuse your life with renewed passion, purpose and pride.
  • A new annual meeting lunch with updates on how ODHA is working for you and annual election at which EVERY member gets a vote!
  • A Murder Mystery Dinner Theater celebration
  • A first annual component breakfast to name your new component, elect your leaders and share what you want from your component
  • The ODHA exclusive CE:  A training workshop to administer EpiPen and Glucagon.  Bring your office with new registration options
  • Annual presentations of scholarships and new awards including Member of the Year, Outstanding Achievement and more
  • A silent auction with professional and lifestyle items
  • Exhibitors dedicated to Dental Hygienists
  • Professional presentations including poster presentations and table clinics
  • A Portland food cart theme networking lunch with professionals and students
  • And much more!

The full schedule is available online and registration is open!  Come learn more about the new ODHA, build relationships with fellow hygienists and advance your career! Click here for more information. Spread the news and invite your fellow RDHs!

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Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight is a brief way to say congratulations, thank you or great job to a member that has really done something amazing for the association and/or DH community. 

This month we would like to recognize Jodi Murray for her passion, commitment and dedication to dental hygiene and ODHA.

When asked if she could discuss what sparked her passion for dental hygiene, she replied: “I fell in love with health and human science early on and enjoyed learning how the human body works. From there it was a hard decision many of us make between nursing school and hygiene school. I chose dental hygiene because of the positive impact I could have on a dental visit by building meaningful relationships with patients. I chose long ago to be open minded and provide a non-lecture style atmosphere. People tend to listen and respect you much more with this approach. Seven years later I am happy with the life that dental hygiene has helped provide for my family. I work at a successful downtown Portland practice with an amazing team.”

Jodi continued by discussing why she decided to become not only a member but a leader within ODHA. Jodi states, “I decided to become an ODHA member when attending a local component meeting. The leadership was asking for help. I volunteered and (that moment) is still one I am proud of today. I chose to be involved to help make our profession better.  I got to meet a lot of new people and understand how hard the volunteers work for our state association. I became one of the people that works for change rather than one that just hopes for it.”

Jodi is currently President of the Washington County Dental Hygiene Association. She has a huge passion for building the association and we are so happy to have her on the executive team of the Washington County Dental Hygienists’ component!

If you or someone you know should be recognized in the Member Spotlight section for the next newsletter please contact Vice President Megan Coffelt at coffelt_megan@yahoo.com

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Official Call to All Members

Call to Annual Meeting
We are thrilled to invite all members to the first annual meeting general session.  The annual meeting will take place on Friday, November 11, 2016 at the Oregon Dental Hygiene Conference at the Sheraton Portland Airport.  Please join us to hear updates on how ODHA is working for you to advance our profession and participate in annual elections at which EVERY member gets a vote!

Also at the ODHC, component annual meetings will be held on Saturday, November 12, 2016. Come learn about the new component boundaries, name your new component, elect your leaders and share what you want from your component.

Click here for more information including the full schedule and registration.

Call for Leadership

ODHA is seeking passionate and engaged members to join the 2016-2017 ODHA leadership team.  With a new governance structure in place, ODHA has more opportunities than ever before to be involved.  No matter what your experience or location, we need you to help build our future together!  We want to hear your thoughts and work in partnership with you to guide our association and advance our profession.

ODHA has moved from a House of Delegates governance model to a voting membership structure.  This allows every member to have a vote while allowing members to participate in the association as their own interest and available time allow.  In addition, component boundaries have been adjusted to better support our local components and provide equal opportunities for all of our members.  With this change, there is a new leadership structure.  The Board of Directors will be composed of 13 directors including officers, committees and component representatives.

Click here to read more about leadership opportunities, submit a candidate interest form or nominate another member. 


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