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President's Report

It is an exciting time in ODHA! The April Board of Trustees meeting was held during the Oregon Dental Conference in Portland. Component leadership shared the many wonderful courses and activities that are going on around the state. During this meeting we announced the Senior Smiles program. Email me if you like working with this population and are interested in participating. We launched our Stronger Together Membership Challenge. Our goal is to double our membership by November. If each of us got just one dental hygienist to join, we will reach our goal! Just think how much stronger and more influential we could be as a professional organization.  We also announced that ADHA is preparing to launch the new structuring within the tri-partite organization. I am excited to represent Oregon at the training session that will be held at the ADHA Annual Session in Nashville, Tennessee. Stay tuned, I will be bringing back information that will be shared with your trustees in July. We just completed the EPDH conference. There were great classes, good food and many new connections made with expanded practice dental hygienists around the state. We have increased our capacity for members at our meetings and I hope to see more of you there next year. I am proud to serve as your president and extend an open invitation to all schools and components to visit and share what is happening at the state level.

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We Are Stronger Together

It is true, we really are stronger together!  This year ODHA is pulling together to grow our association and expand our membership to include a larger percentage of the Dental Hygiene community. Did you know that only 10% of the dental hygienists in Oregon belong to ODHA? Wow! Just think how much more effective we would be with a larger voice.

The 2015 Stronger Together Membership Challenge does not rely on one person or group for success, but calls on each member to personally challenge themselves to recruit at least one new member, thereby doubling our membership. No doubt this is a lofty goal, but we have never set our sights low when we advocate for our profession, so why do it when it comes to our membership?

YOU make a difference.  We need your help!

For EACH member you recruit, you will receive a gift card AND one entry into a grand prize drawing for a weekend getaway in Sunriver, Oregon.  The drawing will take place at the Oregon Dental Hygiene Conference in November!

Are you not sure how to talk about membership in our association with our non-member colleagues? We have developed a full toolkit of resources on our website that can do the talking for you. Download a list of dos and don'ts when talking about membership or a copy of our new brochure and a flyer on the benefits of membership. Remind yourself about why you value your membership and communicate that to others.

Are you active in your local component?  Join your fellow members in your area for a friendly competition.  ODHA challenges each component to DOUBLE their membership by November! Each month, the component showing the most growth that month will be recognized and receive a prize for their next component meeting!  In November the winning component will be treated like royalty at the Oregon Dental Hygiene Conference.

We all know about the value of our membership, from networking, to top quality CE, to staying abreast of new developments in our profession. Membership in your professional association is part of being a dental hygiene professional and with increased membership we receive increased respect from all the groups with whom we collaborate.  Ask a friend to join you TODAY!

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Congratulations Students!

Congratulations Class of 2015!  From President Elect, Cassie Button.

You are in the process of completing probably one of the most stressful periods of your lives. Who knows what you’ve just been through? Your fellow dental hygienists! Who understands shaking during anesthesia boards? Your fellow dental hygienists! Who remembers sweating while your board patient was back getting his/her check-in done? Your fellow dental hygienists! Who knows what it is like to push through night clinic and turn around and take a mid-term the next day? Your fellow dental hygienists!

Dental hygiene school was an intense period of your life. My own dental hygiene school career was made significantly better being surrounded by those who could relate to my experiences. As dental hygiene school grads, you’re about to transition from that tight cohort to an office where you may be the only dental hygienist. Have you given any thought to with whom you will confirm your dental hygiene diagnosis? What about those gray area patients who may be localized SRP, or maybe a SPT with a re-eval? How about if you and your doctor have different philosophies in treating perio? I have the perfect solution for you!

Get out of your operatory! Your professional association is full of dental hygienists who are passionate about their career, stay on the cutting edge of continuing education, and have years of experience to share with you. I remember as a recent graduate thinking, “Am I crazy?” or, after a really bad day, “Maybe I should just go back to retail.” I was able to network with several dental hygienists from my local component and ODHA and they were able to talk sense back into me and give me confidence to be the best professional I can be. The networking and collaboration available through your professional association is invaluable. Be sure to take advantage of those opportunities!

Once you have your new dental hygiene license in hand, you should be sure to do two things. 1) Display it proudly with your Alma Mater in a Dennis Muir License Mat. These mats are the fundraiser for the Dennis Muir scholarship fund. They are very professional, customizable, and a safe way to show off all your hard work! 2) Give your new license number to ADHA. Did you know that transitioning your ADHA/ODHA membership from student to professional member is free? Click here for a step-by-step guide.

Welcome to the world of professional dental hygiene! We are glad to have you! Please join us in uniting as the voice of dental hygienists in the United States and Oregon. As our ODHA president, Gail Aamodt, says, we are “Stronger together!”

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Board of Dentistry News

Our Dental Hygienist Members of the Oregon Board of Dentistry
The Oregon Board of Dentistry (OBD) consists of ten (10) members appointed by the Governor and subject to confirmation by the Senate. All members of the board must be residents of Oregon. Of the ten (10) board members, six (6) must be active licensed dentists, two (2) must be active licensed dental hygienists and two (2) must be members of the public.

Vacancies for the dental hygienist members of the board are selected by the Governor from a list of three to five candidates submitted by the Oregon Dental Hygienists’ Association (ODHA).

The current dental hygienist members of the Oregon Board of Dentistry are Yadira Martinez and Alicia Riedman.

Yadira Martinez
lives in Hillsboro and works as an expanded practice dental hygienist with the Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center, a federally qualified health center that provides integrated medical, dental and behavioral health services for underserved patients in Washington and Yamhill Counties. Yadira provides dental hygiene services for children and young adults up to age 21, as well as for pregnant women and patients with diabetes, at Virginia Garcia’s dental clinics and school-based health centers. Yadira has a passion for public health and has been working with Virginia Garcia since 2000.

Alicia Riedman
lives in Eugene and works as an expanded practice dental hygienist for the Community Health Centers of Lane County, a federally qualified health center. For over eight years she has been a member of a team of expanded practice hygienists that provide on-site dental prevention services to Head Start, Early Head Start, WIC, Relief Nursery, Summer Migrant Program, as well as elementary, middle, and high school students. She uses portable dental equipment to provide oral health assessments, teeth cleaning, fluoride varnish, sealants, and oral health instruction. As a third generation dental professional, it is her passion to provide care to these underserved children.


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ODHA's transformation continues

This year has been a year of financial moderation. To ensure we are providing and protecting our members' benefits, ODHA has been extremely frugal with the valuable dollars that we have. We have gone to low-cost or no cost meetings, assessed every expense that we have, eliminated unnecessary expenses, and are currently reviewing the contracts to reduce costs.

To help grow our association we are building and implementing several new revenue streams.  Our conferences continue to grow in quality, member value and financial support.  ODHA will soon be offering some great new swag and our first career center will launch this summer, supporting our members in their search for the perfect next step in their career.  Most importantly, the 2015 Stronger Together Membership challenge will not only support the growth and representation of our profession but will provide all the resources necessary to support and expand our association.  Please help us as we strive to grow and keep an eye on finances wherever we can.

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