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President's Report

March is can seem to be a quiet month in association work, but behind the scenes, many ODHA volunteers are working to support, develop and empower our profession.  One of my goals during my presidential year is to improve communication within the leadership of our association, and encourage all of our leaders to pass on this information to our members.  We get asked all the time why we aren’t doing this or that – so I want to focus on what we ARE doing!

ODHA volunteers are working to keep ODHA policy and bylaws relevant as the world changes around us, doing strategic planning so we can be change agents in the dental hygiene profession,  and mentoring future leaders as they move into formal leadership roles.  Volunteers are also working with our lobbyist to appropriately expand our scope of practice, attending all Board of Dentistry meetings to make sure that hygienists are represented, and making sure outside groups are aware of our skills and education.  Dedicated volunteer hygienists visited their representatives at the State Capitol to visit with legislators and educate them about the dental hygiene profession. And don’t forget our volunteers who are working at the component level as well, to reach out to local members, with networking, CE and community events.  It takes a lot of time to run the state association as it is, and even more if we want to accomplish all the other goals we dream of.

Everything that ODHA achieves is powered by volunteers who have extremely full lives, but still manage to give time to their professional association.  Thank you for your membership, which supports their activities!  If you want to learn more or find out why your favorite project isn’t being addressed, please consider attending meetings of your local component, or even a state Board meeting. I hope to see you there!

Hildie Oliver, President

Oregon Dental Hygienists’ Association


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This Month's Spotlight

The Lois Whitford Memorial Scholarship is a scholarship that was formed in 1997 to honor the memory of Lois Whitford. Lois was an influential leader within Oregon Dental Hygienists' Association and the American Dental Hygienists' Association. She graduated from the University of Oregon Dental Hygiene School and taught there several years before establishing the dental hygiene program at Mt. Hood Community College in 1970.  Lois retired in 1984 and continued her spirited leadership through various ODHA activities. She was the first recipient of the Oregon Dental Hygienists' Association's Outstanding Dental Hygienist Award now renamed the Lois Whitford Outstanding Dental Hygienist Award. In June of 1994 Lois Whitford passed away and is greatly missed.  This scholarship is offered annually to graduating dental hygiene students and is based on the submission of an essay selected by a committee of her former students.


Date:      Saturday April 26, 2014

Time:      6:00 pm sharp

Place:    Home of Lori Killen Aus, 2574 Troy Ct., West Linn, OR,  97068

This year's menu will be gourmet French Cuisine. Guests will be greeted at the door with an aperitif followed by appetizers. Guests will then make their way into the dining room where they will enjoy a soup course, breads (with gluten free options) a soup course, main course, dessert, and cheese course. An appropriate beverage selection with be provided with each course.

Price:  $100 plate

Value: Priceless...considering the exquisite discourse that comes with all the courses and the support of this important scholarship.  All proceeds go to the scholarship, as food and labor are donated.

Sign up now, only 4 spaces remain!  Contact Lori Aus at to reserve your place

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Local Focus

Every month this section will feature one of our 10 component organizations!


Membership is a core focus for the Lane County Dental Hygienists’ Association.   Key features of our ongoing membership drive include the Big Sister program, congratulating and acknowledging dental hygiene graduates, providing free CE credits annually for ADHA/ODHA/LCDHA members, giving extra raffle tickets to non-members at component meetings and being a fun, active component.  The Big Sister program matches dental hygiene students with a mentor who they can call, text, or email any questions to someone in “the real world”.  A fall social is planned each year for a face-to-face meeting where great networking takes place.  In the spring, close to graduation, the component provides a dinner and small gift to the new graduates.  Heartfelt congratulations are in order for their degree completion and to welcome them to the component.  Benefits of membership and networking are discussed by each board member.  Once a graduate has become a member of the Lane County component, 12 hours of FREE CE are offered annually.  LCDHA strives for a diverse CE program that meets the needs of the membership.  Raffle tickets are provided at each CE meeting for attendance, and extra tickets are given to “potential” members as well as the hygienist who brought them.  Small gift cards are given out via a raffle, as a thank you for supporting the CE class, and thus the component.  LCDHA also locally promotes activity at the state and national levels with announcements of officer positions held by component members.  The LCDHA board has several social/business meetings annually, and any dental hygienist is welcome to attend.  LCDHA strives to meet the needs of its membership, while making sure friendship, networking and having fun are part of the job!  (link to webpage)

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ADHA Today

Member Benefits! Save on your Next Vacation!

ADHA has partnered with Orlando Vacations to save up to 30% off your next trip to Orlando! Discounts include theme park tickets, vacation homes, hotels and vacation packages. To get the discounts, log in to your member profile, go to the Member Resources section and click Member Benefits. Take a look at some of the other Benefit Programs  ADHA has to offer.

Bring a friend to ADHA’s Annual meeting in Vegas and win!

Participate in the Invite a Friend/Colleague Contest and be entered for a chance to win $300 or $500!  There are two ways to win:

  • Recruit a friend or colleague who has not attended an ADHA annual meeting within the last 7 years to registered for ADHAs annual meeting and be entered to win a $300 gift card.
  • Recruit three or more new friends or colleagues who have not attended an ADHA annual meeting within the last 7 years to register for ADHA's annual meeting and be entered to win a $500 gift card.

After they have registered, email ADHA at with the number of colleagues and friends you have recruited to attend ADHA's annual meeting for the first time. Include your name and your colleagues/friends name(s). Contest ends on March 28, winners will be notified in early April.

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Expanded Practice

Matt Tripp is selling his awesome dental hygiene mobile van!  But let’s start at the beginning.  Matt Tripp, RDH, EPP was born and raised in Grants Pass and spent time in the US Marine Corps and as deputy sheriff and city police officer prior to attaining his dental hygiene degree from Clark College in Vancouver.    After receiving his Expanded Practice Permit, he founded Accessible Mobile Dental Hygiene.  Since then he has been appointed to the Oregon Board of Dentistry, and with a full time job and a family, he has decided he can’t give the van the attention it needs.   Matt designed and built the van himself and it is outfitted specifically for dental hygiene services.  It is fully accessible to persons with physical disabilities, and is even equipped with a lift to accommodate wheelchair access.  Matt brought his van to Advocacy day in Salem, and several members of the public dropped by to see if services were available that day!   This van has a great future with an Expanded practice permit hygienist who wants to make a commitment!  You can see a photo of the van and get more information at

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Legislative Review

Monday, February 17th, President’s Day, ODHA  held Advocacy Day at the Capitol.  Thank you to the 100 students, faculty, and RDHs who took a day off to attend this event!  The day started out with a short presentation by our surprise guest, ADHA President Elect, Kelli Swanson Jaecks (a Salem resident),  followed by an orientation with our lobbyists, Paul Cosgrove and Alec Shebiel of Lindsay-Hart.  Mr. Cosgrove explained the way our legislature works, how a bill becomes a law, and how much our legislators would rather see “real people” rather than lobbyists.  Since ODHA does not have any legislation pending this year we were able to use our time to educate legislators on who we are, what we do, and how we can utilize our education and licensure to improve access to oral health care for all Oregonians.   Many of the attendees also attended a hearing of the Ways and Means Committee to hear the testimony from the Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division, regarding the allocation of funds for the implementation of the mid-level provider pilot projects in SB 738.  No decision was made by the committee at that time.  Plans for next year’s Advocacy Day are in the works, so mark your calendars for February 16, 2015 and please join us!  This is your opportunity to educate the people who represent you  in state government.  Many thanks to the dental hygienists, students and faculty that attended ODHA’s annual Advocacy Day.  We need you to “make a difference!”  See you next year!

PRESIDENTS NOTES:  It’s hard to believe that you can become the President of ODHA and never have attended Advocacy Day with Lynn and her crew!  So it was with some trepidation that I drove to Salem on a stormy Monday morning to see what Advocacy Day was all about.  Volunteers Jan Young and Laurie Johnson manned a table in the main hallway where toothbrushes, tangerines and information on dental hygienists were available to passers-by. Then I joined Lynn on a visit to Senator Elizabeth Steiner-Hayward who was very welcoming to our group.  I also joined another hygienist to drop and visit my senator, but her staff apologized that she was going to be difficult to pin down that day, as if it were their fault!  Note to self – make that appointment next year!!  Our senators and representatives want to hear from us, and just like our patients they sometimes don’t know about our specialized training or our roles in the oral health profession.  It’s as simple as that!  Sorry you missed it?  Don't worry, the state capitol is open to the public so you don’t even have to go on a special day – just look up your representative and go visit –BUT make an appointment first!

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Calendar of Events

Please join us for the following events in 2014

Oregon Dental Conference, April 3-5, Portland, Oregon – Visit ODHA’s table in the atrium to meet current leadership, have some healthy treats, and get your association questions answered.  Join or renew your membership at the conference and be entered to win $100 Visa gift card! We are also sponsoring courses at the conference, just for hygienists!   On Thursday April 3rd, Noel Kelsch, RDH, RDHAP, BS will present “Infection Control with a Twist” in the morning, followed by an afternoon course titled “Identifying Methamphetamine Abuse and Developing a Treatment Protocol”.  On Friday, April 4th Eva Grayzel will present “Tongue Tied: A story NOT Silenced by Oral Cancer” which will be presented at both morning and afternoon sessions.  ODHA will continue to provide high quality CE courses at this conference, and we look forward to seeing you there. Lastly, you are invited to join your ODHA leadership at the ODA Presidents Reception on Friday night. Bring a date, bring a friend, or come alone and enjoy some social time with our dental colleagues!   View CE Courses and register for the party at


Expanded Practice Conference, May 2-3,  Springfield, Oregon – Got your permit and want information on what to do next?  Come to this special conference to learn about independent practice, Oregon laws, and how others are successfully using their permits.  Don’t ever compromise how you work again!  Meet those who are exploring all the options and get ideas about how to overcome what’s stopping you!  Course and registration information will be posted at as it becomes available this month.  website


Save the date for our Fall Dental Hygiene Conference, November 14 -16 in Portland.  We will have high quality CE courses just for hygienists, programs for students and educators, and our annual business meeting, including a forum on professional issues.  Our 2014-2015 ADHA President Kelli Swanson Jaecks from Salem, Oregon, will be a keynote speaker and will be participating throughout the conference on behalf of ADHA.  We encourage you to plan your class reunions or interest group receptions  this weekend and allow our new management company, Western Advocates to help arrange room space and catering for your event.  website

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